The Best-Equipped Hospitals in Latin America in 2021

After sharing the top 50 best-equipped hospitals in Latin America via a basic report that was published in September 2021, GHI has now made its full HospiRank 2021 data available to the public on its website. Once you visit the main page, you can access the top 50 report and can also view the rankings for the six countries featured in HospiRank 2021:

For each country, you will find a list of the top 10 best-equipped hospitals according to the following categories:

  • Best Equipped for Hosting Patients
  • Best Infrastructure for High Procedure Count
  • Highest Count of Basic Surgical Equipment
  • Best-Equipped Hospitals for Accommodating Newborns
  • Best-Equipped Hospitals for Primary Diagnostics
  • Best Installed Base for Treating Cancer
  • Best-Equipped Hospitals for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
  • Best-Equipped Hospitals for High-Risk Patients

While the amount of medical equipment that a hospital or clinic possess is in no way the only factor in determining its quality, it can be helpful to understand what different institutions have available. Through HospiScope, SurgiScope, In-Scope, ShareScope, and LatAm Hospital Monitoring Service, GHI provides market intelligence for medical equipment/device manufacturers. As such, HospiRank could offer useful information about potential or existing clients. And for hospital administrators and public health officials, HospiRank could also offer data that is useful for benchmarking or to complementing existing knowledge about the medical resources available in a specific country.

With that in mind, we have made these rankings available to the general public. Beyond the 2021 rankings, on GHI’s site you can also find HospiRank for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, allowing you to make comparisons over time in the case of certain countries.

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Contact us if you’re interested in obtaining more market data about the Latin American hospital market, such as:

  • A market landscape study for specific equipment types or sectors
  • How to use GHI’s database to improve your CRM with fresh data
  • Creating a sales propension study for your particular product(s) in your market(s) of interest
  • Closely monitoring developments in Latin American hospitals on a monthly basis using a power BI platform
  • Forecasting demand or market sizing for medical equipment or devices

And much more.

You can also learn more about LatAm’s hospital market by reading other GHI articles, which include a new Brazilian medical market report, an analysis of hospitals with robotic surgery systems, 2022 projections for Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Argentina, and other key insights.

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