Miami, FL—October 26, 2017—Global Health Intelligence (GHI), the leading healthcare data analytics provider for emerging markets, has published a new data portrait of the medical devices and equipment market in Latin America. Based on HospiScope — its extensive and unique LatAm hospital database — and on other healthcare market intelligence the company gathers and analyzes via ShareScope, this portrait includes:

  • Basic infrastructure counts for hospitals in Latin America
  • Import data for medical devices and equipment into Latin America and in specific markets, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru
  • Growth categories for medical equipment sold in Latin America
  • Counts for the installed equipment base in Latin American hospitals, including highest overall counts
  • Technology penetration in LatAm hospitals, including PACs (picture archiving and communication systems), RIS (radiological information systems) and EMR (electronic medical records)
  • The #1 equipment type on hand in Latin American hospitals

Overall, the data portrait from GHI — offered as a free download on the company’s website— contains more than 50 key data points, all expressed in an easy-to-follow infographic that breaks down the points in three basic sections: overall LatAm data, specific market data and technology penetration.

“We thought that summing up some of the extensive data available on LatAm hospitals and the devices market would be helpful for medical device/equipment manufacturers targeting Latin America and other healthcare professionals,” says Guillaume Corpart, Managing Director of Global Health Intelligence. “There really hasn’t been enough reliable data to help professionals understand the LatAm healthcare market despite the major growth happening with it.”

To download the Data Portrait of the Medical Equipment Market in Latin America, click here.


About Global Health Intelligence (GHI)
Global Health Intelligence created HospiScope, the world’s largest hospital demographics database focused on Latin America, with data on 8 out of every 10 hospitals in the region across 14 countries. The firm updates more than 2 million hospital data points each year, helping clients with custom research, data on the medical devices market, competitive profiling for the LatAm healthcare industry, marketing sizing, segmentation and pricing/cost analyses.

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