The 10 Types of Medical Equipment That Will Grow the Most in Chile in 2022

Chile is known as one of the top consumers of medical technology in Latin America, not only in the private medical sector via acquisitions of cutting-edge robotic surgery systems, but also in public health facilities that strive to meet the same standards as private ones. In this respect, great strides have been made with nuclear medicine. In addition, the Chilean government has passed the Cancer Law (Ley del Cáncer), which will come into effect in October 2022 and whose goal is “establish a regulatory framework for the planning, development and implementation of public policies, programs and actions aimed at establishing the causes and preventing the increase in the incidence of cancer.” This law has two interesting features: i) promoting cooperation between the private and public sectors, between institutions and also between industry sectors; ii) the responsibility of Chile’s Health Ministry to create a National Cancer Plan that with a span of at least 5 years. The portals of Mercado Público or Public Market already have open tenders for devices for this type of treatment, especially for breast cancer.

GHI also recently conducted an analysis of procurement trends in Chilean hospitals, calculating the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2023. Based on those calculations and other analyses, we share in this report the types of medical equipment with the highest projected growth as well as the types that will contract the most by 2022.

The 10 Medical Equipment Categories with the Greatest Projected Growth in Chile in 2022

Gamma cameras in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 64% increase in 2022

Bone densitometers in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 28% increase in 2022

Endoscopy towers in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 18% increase in 2022

Anesthesia machines in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 17% increase in 2022

Mammography machines in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 16% increase in 2022

Endoscopic lithotripters in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 10% increase in 2022

Laparoscopic surgery equipment in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 6% increase in 2022

RIS in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 6% increase in 2022

Ventilators in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 5% increase in 2022

Hemodialysis machines in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 4% increase in 2022

The 5 Medical Equipment Categories with the Highest Projected Contractions in Chile in 2022

Radiotherapy machines in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 45% contraction in 2022

Cobalt therapy machines in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 25% contraction in 2022

EEG machines in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 22% contraction in 2022

Patient monitors in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 20% contraction in 2022

Infusion pumps in Chile’s hospitals
Projected 19% contraction in 2022

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