The Top Growth Categories in Medical Equipment in Colombia for 2022

Despite the devastation wrought by the pandemic, it apparently has not negatively affected the medical equipment/devices market in Colombia. In fact, the market has experienced some growth…and 2022 could well offer powerful opportunities for manufacturers who target this large (2,000+ facilities) hospital market.

Published in May 2021, the Informe de infraestructura y capacidad instalada — known as the Infrastructure and Installed Capacity Report in English and published by Colombia’s Medical Device and Consumable Medical Goods Board — shows that the country’s hospital infrastructure increased by 3% in 2020 amidst highly uncertain conditions. This growth has been further supported through the donations made this past July by the Colombian Red Cross, the U.S. government, the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent: this assistance, which included medical equipment, was distributed to 201 hospitals around the country.

In May 2021 Global Health Intelligence (GHI) published a report that took the pulse, so to speak, of the medical equipment market in Colombia. In this report GHI shared findings and industry trends that included significant growth in the sales of medical devices used to treat COVID patients, particularly ventilators (80%) and patient monitoring systems (15%). Click here to read it.

In addition, GHI recently analyzed medical equipment acquisition trends among hospitals in Colombia and calculate the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the changes in the amounts of different types of medical equipment in these hospitals between 2019 and 2023. Based on these calculations and other analysis, below you’ll find the types of medical equipment with the largest projected growth in 2022, along with the ones that will contract the most next year. 

The 10 Medical Equipment Categories with the Greatest Projected Growth in Colombia in 2022

Patient monitoring systemsin Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 42% increase in 2022

Hyperbaric chambersin Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 38% increase in 2022

Linear acceleratorsin Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 31% increase in 2022

Mammography equipment in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 26% increase in 2022

MRI machines in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 20% increase in 2022

Endoscopy towersin Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 18% increase in 2022

Hemodialysis machinesin Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 18% increase in 2022 ICONO

Fluoroscopes in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 8% increase in 2022

CT scannersin Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 8% increase in 2022

Ventilators in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 6% increase in 2022

The 5 Medical Equipment Categories with the Highest Projected Contraction in Colombia in 2022

Cobalt therapy machines in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 69% contraction in 2022

Vacuum-assisted biopsy equipment in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 28% contraction in 2022

RIS in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 27% contraction in 2022

PET scanners in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 22% contraction in 2022

PET/MR systems in Colombia’s hospitals
Projected 19% contraction in 2022

Next Steps

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