Although our HospiScope and ShareScope services offer extensive resources, clients sometimes need to drill down to a deeper level.

That´s when custom research becomes vital—and the need to uncover closely-held or highly complex data become apparent.

That´s also when 20 years of market intelligence experience in emerging markets comes into play. GHI developed its In-Scope service to help medical equipment manufacturers address these concerns.


    Our team not only understands the often byzantine routes to critical market data in Latin America and Asia, but they also have a wide range of sources and contacts to obtain it.


    So instead of the delays, bumps and gaps that come from working with less-experienced firms, via In-Scope our clients receive the smooth data flow they need to reach their goals.

The 3 Cs of Strategic Analysis

Beyond our experienced field researchers and extensive contacts, GHI´s In-Scope service is modeled by using the 3 Cs of strategic analysis:

1. Context

We reveal the contextual elements in which the market is evolving, such as political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental.

2. Customer

We explain the customer components, such as market size, usage and habits, voice of the customer and brand preference.

3. Competition

We fill in the competitive landscape, looking at elements such as market share analysis, positioning, competitive profiling, strengths & weaknesses, and best practices.

Through this analysis, In-Scope can deliver a comprehensive 360-degree view of the market, conveying valuable insight to support strategic decisions.

If you require a deep, concentrated dive into a singular topic, our team can adjust its focus to any one of these elements to produce a wealth of intelligence in a specific area. Global Health Intelligence (GHI) is spearheaded by a team with more than 20 years of experience conducting complex intelligence assignments in emerging markets, delivering insights to stakeholders and turning research into profitable engagements.

Areas of Focus for In-Scope

Our 3Cs approach to custom research via In-Scope can be tailored to focus on specifics such as:

Market sizing and segmentation

A detailed understanding of size, share, demand drivers, segmentation, coming trends and more.

Partner search and market due diligence

Through reviews of company performance and reputation to find the best fit, whether your needs involve sales professionals, distributors, joint venture partners, acquisition targets or suppliers.

Competitive profiling

Meticulous breakdowns of rivals to respect their strengths and exploit weaknesses that lead to opportunities.

Pricing and cost analysis

Real-world numbers that can give you a successful edge with new launches or existing products.

Best practices

Comprehensive operational details from best-in-class companies to increase efficiencies, reduce implementation times and avoid pitfalls while growing within key emerging markets.

Positioning and opportunity identification

Exhaustive insights amplify the voice of the customer so you can connect and engage with your target audience at key points in in the decision-making process.

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