Miami, FL—November 14, 2017—Despite a population of more than 600 million people and a rapid growing demand for healthcare services, Latin America has surprisingly little information on medical devices and equipment — until now.

“We first noticed the lack of information on hospital equipment in Latin America in 2014 when we did a market intelligence assignment for a client,” says Guillaume Corpart, CEO and founder of Global Health Intelligence. “We expected to find a reasonable amount of data on capital equipment, medical devices, hospitals, medical procedures and other types of data — but we didn’t. The publicly available data was either inaccurate, sparse or very outdated. So we ended up having to do a lot of primary research to dig out the data that our client needed. This was very challenging, but also served as the foundation of our business.” explains Corpart.

The project sparked an idea: to create a centralized database of healthcare information — known as HospiScope — for Latin America to turn a data desert into a flowing oasis. In 2014 Corpart — a LatAm market intelligence expert with over 20 years of experience in conducting research in the region — founded Global Health Intelligence to fill the information void in the healthcare space, specifically hospital infrastructure.

Based in Miami, Global Health Intelligence (GHI) uses a team of dedicated researchers throughout Latin America to obtain relevant data for hospitals. “It’s been challenging because nothing like HospiScope had ever been done before in Latin America,” says Corpart. GHI has made tremendous headway in just three years. “We now have data on hospitals across 14 countries in Latin America in HospiScope, including big markets like Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, as well as smaller markets like Central America and the Caribbean,” observes Corpart. HospiScope includes nearly 90% of the hospitals in the region, with more than 130 data points for each.

“We think that filling this gap is helpful for healthcare professionals in Latin America,” says Corpart. “Medical device manufacturers now have a realistic picture of the marketplace, hospital administrators and health practitioners have a greater understanding of the resources in the region, and patients also can get a better sense of what’s available in their countries. Even government officials can get access to centralized data to develop regional comparisons.” To that end, in May 2017 GHI released a free ranking of the best-equipped hospitals in different LatAm countries as a resource for healthcare professionals and patients.”

Beyond the LatAm hospitals database, GHI plans to further expand the healthcare data revolution in the region with ProcediScope, a new database focused on medical procedures that are conducted in hospitals. This will broaden the reach to both medical device manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical companies. ProcediScope will launch fully by the beginning of 2018.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done with LatAm healthcare data,” says Corpart. “But we’re pleased to have filled the gap as much as we have—there’s certainly much more information available than ever before.”


About Global Health Intelligence (GHI)
Global Health Intelligence created HospiScope, the world’s largest hospital demographics database focused on Latin America, with data on 8 out of every 10 hospitals in the region across 14 countries. HospiScope updates more than 2 million hospital data points each year, helping clients with custom research, data on the medical devices market, competitive profiling for the LatAm healthcare industry, marketing sizing, segmentation and pricing/cost analyses.

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