Track the market size, assess the competition’s performance and understand the market landscape in order to gauge opportunities, evaluate risks and reap rewards. ShareScope is a powerful and unique solution developed by Global Health Intelligence (GHI) experts that will enable you to:

Identify the market size

Understand your market share — and that of your competitors

Track market share over time

Applying more than 20 years of market intelligence experience and acumen, GHI developed ShareScope to assess real-world market size and market share in Latin America for products such as capital equipment, medical devices, consumables,
disposables and pharmaceuticals.

ShareScope relies on a proprietary methodology developed by GHI and refined over the past 10 years. 

How We Do It

ShareScope is driven by a four-step stage gate methodology that’s based on
irrefutable hard data. We work closely with our clients to tailor research parameters to individual needs so that each ShareScope research outcome meets each client’s needs. We analyze and present the data visually, on a quarterly basis, using tools such as DataStudio, PowerBI and Tableau.

Research validations indicate a level of accuracy of >90%.

A few critical aspects to know about ShareScope:

  • We obtain irrefutable underlying data from official sources
  • We base ShareScope analysis on hard data, not extrapolation, assumptions or speculation
  • We access information on product codes and descriptions
  • We ensure regular data flow for consistent updates
  • We can replicate our ShareScope methodology to any kind of medical device, equipment, technology or pharmaceutical need
  • We track data over time
  • We cover all major markets in Latin America

Product Types

ShareScope’s market size and share analysis can be applied to the following types of healthcare products:

  • Capital equipment: X-ray machines, ultrasound equipment, anesthesia machines, cribs, densitometers, echocardiograms, endoscopy machines, hemodialysis machines, incubators, Infusion pumps, MRI, patient monitoring, PETs, tomography (CT) scanners, and more
  • Medical devices: Pacemakers, prosthesis, stents, surgical equipment, ventilators and more
  • Medical technologies: PACS, RIS and more
  • Consumables: Adhesives, disposable clothing, fluids, gases, surgical kits and more
  • Pharmaceuticals: Generics and patented drugs

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