Market intelligence on healthcare infrastructure in frontier markets.

Global Health Intelligence (GHI) gathers market intelligence and performs unique market research to deliver strategic data on healthcare infrastructure in frontier markets, specifically in Latin America and Asia.

Groundbreaking approach

Through its experienced staff and vast network of on-the-ground researchers, GHI first focused on building HospiScope, its vast database of Latin American hospitals. After achieving this, GHI developed unique tools such as ShareScope, built to deliver accurate tracking of market size and share for capital equipment, medical devices, pharmaceutical products and consumables to the healthcare industry.

More recently, GHI introduced SurgiScope to assess procedure volumes at the institution level, helping medical device manufacturers identify immediate opportunities. In 2023, GHI will launch PriceScope to help manufacturers understand their price competitiveness.

GHI’s groundbreaking approach to gathering healthcare market intelligence for Latin America and other frontier markets can be further leveraged to develop detailed custom research to meet any client´s needs.

GHI gives its clients a competitive edge via the strategic healthcare market research it compiles and produces, notably in the following areas:

  • Capital equipment
  • Medical device
  • Hospital technology
  • Consumables
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solutions integrators
  • Insurance products

Global Health Intelligence Executive Team

Incisive Analysis + Latest Industry Developments

Our GHI Analysis section brings a fresh and focused perspective on LatAm´s dynamic healthcare industry to help you identify opportunities and grow in emerging markets.

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