Global Health Intelligence (GHI) helps clients grow their business, expand their market share, and tackle opportunities across emerging markets.

GHI´s value proposition is based on five unique services.


GHI devoted years of painstaking in-market research to create the world´s largest hospitals demographics database for Latin America, called HospiScope. Our database encompasses more than 86% of the region´s hospitals and more than 15,000 individual facilities. HospiScope also covers 14 of the region´s most sought-after healthcare markets, ranging from Brazil to the Dominican Republic.


Subscribers to HospiScope find accurate and up-to-date data on hospitals throughout Latin America, with tools that help drill down to specific points of interest. Speedy, precise navigation of a wealth of data allows our clients to identify new sales targets, explore new markets, benchmark against competitors and more.


GHI also features a detailed hospitals database for Asia, a market with powerful projected growth over the next decade.


Perfected over the course of more than 20 years of market intelligence experience, GHI’s ShareScope service allows clients to uncover market size and share with rock-solid reliability. Guided by ShareScope, you can assess market potential for a wide range of products. This includes:

  • Capital equipment—X-ray machines, ultrasound equipment, anesthesia machines, MRI units, echocardiogram machines and more
  • Medical devices—Pacemakers, stents, surgical equipment and more
  • Medical technologies—PACs, RIS, EMRs and more
  • Consumables—adhesives, disposable clothing, surgical kits and more


Sometimes only a deep dive will deliver the strategic advantage that a company needs. GHI´s In-Scope service applies the company’s seasoned team of researchers to handle a wide range of engagements. Some of the most common LatAm healthcare market research areas we handle via In-Scope include:

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Pricing and cost analysis
  • Partner searches and market due diligence
  • Positioning and opportunity identification


Demand drives sales, but for years one key aspect that drives demand of medical equipment, devices and pharmaceutical has been missing: medical procedures.

That’s why we developed SurgiScope, which tracks three key types of procedures performed in Latin American hospitals:

  • Therapeutic
  • Diagnostic
  • Surgical

Searching by either procedure or hospital, you can find prospective clients that are a fit for your products based on their direct needs in treating patients.


With the lack of hard data on medical equipment counts, major brands operating in Latin America have never had a precise understanding of their market share. InstaScope takes out the guesswork with data obtained directly from hospitals all over the region: you can get market share for 40 equipment types in 13 LatAm markets with a few quick clicks, all based on rock-solid data from your customers.

Incisive Analysis + Latest Industry Developments

Our GHI Analysis section brings a fresh and focused perspective on LatAm´s dynamic healthcare industry to help you identify opportunities and grow in emerging markets.

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