Get to Know the Best-Equipped Hospitals in Latin America Through HospiRank

The hospital and medical-device market in Latin America has been growing and evolving in recent years, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If the pandemic proved anything it was the importance of understanding the state of the region’s health systems.  This is why, in 2014, Global Health Intelligence (GHI) developed HospiScope, the world’s most comprehensive database of Latin American hospitals. Using HospiScope data, since 2017, GHI has been putting together its annual ranking—known as HospiRank—which details the best equipped hospitals in Latin America.

What HospiRank Offers

HospiRank is a resource that serves as a reference point for hospitals, medical-equipment manufacturers, hospital administrators, or any individual or institution looking for specific information about equipment, infrastructure, and needs in hospitals in Latin America. For the largest hospital markets in Latin America, the 2022 edition of HospiRank breaks down:

  • The hospitals best equipped to receive patients
  • The greatest infrastructure for high procedure volume
  • The greatest quantities of basic surgical equipment
  • The hospitals best equipped to care for newborns
  • The hospitals best equipped for primary diagnosis
  • The largest installed base for treating cancer
  • The hospitals best equipped for advanced diagnostic imaging
  • The hospitals best equipped to care for high-risk patients

Key Data on the Medical Equipment Market in Latin America

Aside from rankings, the 2022 edition of HospiRank also provides market intelligence on the use of medical equipment and devices in Latin America, including:

  • Total number of hospitals, beds, operating rooms, and delivery rooms in Latin America
  • Total numbers of electrocardiographs, hemodialysis machines, CT scanners, and MRI machines in Latin America
  • Penetration level of basic equipment (X-ray machines, anesthesia machines, infusion pumps, ventilators) in Latin American hospitals
  • Penetration level of specialized equipment (C-arms, linear accelerators, gamma cameras, PET systems, etc.) in Latin American hospitals

The general report also provides an overview of data for hospitals in 7 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile,  Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Among other things, the report includes data on:

  • Number of hospitals
  • Operating rooms
  • Hospital beds
  • Specific medical equipment ranging from linear accelerators, C-arms, and angiography machines, to PACS, PET systems, and CT scanners

Key data on the medical equipment market in Latin America

Numbers of Hospitals with Robotic Surgery Systems in Latin America

The 2022 edition has another major section: a breakdown of all hospitals in Latin America that currently have robotic surgery systems, a topic that has gained importance in the field of hospitals and medical equipment/devices.  For example, different models of the Da Vinci surgical system, as well as Hugo by Medtronic, and ROSA™ by Zimmer Bionet, are mentioned on the list of several hospitals in certain countries.  The use of this type of equipment means an increasing number of institutions are looking to adopt high-tech, state-of-the-art systems.

HospiRank Is Now Available to Everyone

In the summer of 2022, GHI launched HospiRank 2022 for the media only. This report is now available to the public in the following forms:

  • The rankings of the best equipped hospitals of 2022 in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, all listed online
  • Access to the HospiRank general report, which lists the top 5 Latin American hospitals in all 8 HospiRank categories

The general report also includes interviews with HospiRank’s outstanding hospital directors in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, including:

  • Médica Sur and Hospital Juárez in Mexico
  • Hospital Italiano and Hospital Universitario Austral in Argentina
  • Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe and Hospital Universitario Méderi in Colombia
  • Hospital Barros Luco Trudeau in Chile
  • Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño San Borja in Peru

Next Steps

To access this ranking—the only one offering data obtained directly from hospitals rather than a calculated overall ranking that does NOT specify data on medical equipment—simply click on the links below:

You can also request the general report by clicking here: HospiRank: Latin America’s best equipped hospitals in 2022



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