Rising levels of obesity reaching pandemic levels

Obesity levels are rising and urgent action is required to limit the global fallout from rising obesity levels. Aetna International, a health insurance providers along with World Health Organization’s (WHO) data have concluded that obesity has reached pandemic levels.

The rise in obesity rates make it clear that there is a need to for diet and healthy living to curb the rise of “globesity”. Efforts by governments, food producers, retailers, employers and insurance companies must to combine tackle the obesity crisis. Statistics by WHO show that obesity rates have more than doubled since 1980.

Currently, 13% of adults across the globe have been classified as obese and nearly 40% as overweight. This is a pressing issue and the numbers are expected to rise further collaborative and targeted action is not taken.

Globesity can be tackled through a holistic approach combining health incentives, taxes and education programs. One of the most effective means of reducing obesity is providing clear information about the direct correlation between nutrition, weight gain and non-communicable diseases.


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