Integrating Hard Healthcare Data for LatAm into Your CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an excellent tool for sales teams to keep track of all their new contacts, buying habits, needs and other key data points to maximize the power of their sales pipelines. While medical devices sales have been growing in a number of segments in Latin America, up until recently it’s been difficult for companies to fully take advantage of CRM in this industry. That’s because data was either scarce or unreliable when it came to equipment counts in Latin American hospitals, imports of medical devices, market size for different types of medical equipment, adoption of electronic medical records (EMR), amount of procedures performed and more.

Global Health Intelligence (GHI) has changed all that.

Since 2013 we’ve focused on compiling the world’s largest Latin American hospitals database while also tracking data on other aspects of the LatAm healthcare industry. As a result, medical device/equipment companies operating in Latin America now can populate their CRM systems with a wealth of detailed data to further help them identify and leverage sales opportunities.

Below you can download a case study that explains how a leading global player in medical devices used GHI’s hospital database for its CRM system.


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After reviewing the case study, contact GHI for a free demo of our database.

You’ll get a direct sense of how your sales team can integrate our deep data with your CRM to uncover loads of new opportunities.

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