A Data Portrait of Latin America’s Hospitals

While granular detail about hospitals in Latin America can yield the insights for the medical equipment/devices industry, the LatAm pharmaceuticals industry and the medical consumables industry, market research can also yield very helpful baseline data. Our work in providing market intelligence for the Latin American healthcare sector has delivered both baseline data and much deeper, intricate dives to help companies make successful business decisions when operating in the region.

However, to provide a quick reference resource for our readers, we created this infographic, which covers a variety of important areas in larger (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina) and smaller LatAm hospital markets (Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Uruguay):

  • Number of hospitals
  • Procedure volume
  • Capital equipment counts, including:
    • Amount of anesthesia machines
    • Amount of X-ray machines
    • Amount of MRI machines
    • Amount of ultrasound machines
    • Amount of laparoscopic equipment
    • Amount of Gamma cameras
    • Amount of C-arms
    • Amount of CT scanners
    • Amount of PET systems

The infographic covers the following markets:

Click here to download the infographic, or you can click on the image below.

For even more information on LatAm hospitals, explore our 2019 Latin American Hospitals Fact Sheets.

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Of course, these free resources are only a very small part of the LatAm healthcare data analytics that Global Health Intelligence provides. For a deeper dive into data for the region’s hospitals, including surgical procedures, market size/share, market leaders in 40+ medical equipment categories or ad hoc research, please contact us.

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