The Best-Equipped Hospitals in Latin America

In October we published HospiRank, our 2018 rankings of the best-equipped hospitals in Latin America. HospiRank is available in English and in Spanish via request, which you can do here. To offer an additional resource for our readers, we’ve also published these rankings on our site, and you can review them here.

Or you can search out the best equipped hospitals in specific countries, such as:

These rankings were developed from an analysis of our HospiScope database, which features 140+ data points on more than 18,000 hospitals in 14 Latin American countries. To create HospiRank, we focused our analysis on eight countries.

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Contact us for a demo of HospiScope to get a better sense of how its data can help you uncover sales opportunities for medical equipment and devices, perform propensity analysis and improve your salesforce effectiveness.

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