5 Resources for Understanding Latin American Healthcare in 2018

One of the challenges in working with the LatAm healthcare industry is that data is often scarce, unreliable or out of data.

We noticed this while conducting healthcare research projects for different companies, and this led to us create HospiScope to track information about Latin American hospitals, as well as ShareScope for market data and In-Scope for more specific market intelligence work.

Obviously this blog is one of the ways we used to start promoting a freer flow of information in what has been kind of a data desert, but lately we have been publishing even more complimentary resources about Latin America’s medical devices and equipment market, as well as LatAm’s healthcare system.

Since you may not have heard of all of them, we wanted to let you know about them and give you direct access to them in one place.

#1 Ranking of the Best-Equipped Hospitals in Latin America, 2017

Using HospiScope data, this list shows which hospitals offer the best infrastructure in several categories, including accommodating newborns, diagnostic imaging and cardiovascular health.


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#2: Latin American Hospitals Infographic

Essential data about LatAm’s hospital ecosystem offered in a handy infographic for easy reference.


#3 Whitepaper: 5 Mega-Trends in Latin American Healthcare

A highly detailed 40-page whitepaper that not only tracks some huge changes that are impacting LatAm medical care but also highlights which medical equipment and device categories are growing the most in different hospital markets during 2017, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic Guatemala, Mexico and Peru, among others.
Easy organization makes this a great reference resource for Latin American hospital administrators, marketing and sales teams for medical device/equipment manufacturers targeting Latin America and healthcare professionals.


#4 Infographic: Data Portrait of the Medical Equipment Market in Latin America

Organized in 3 main sections, this comprehensive (50+ data points) infographic offers 2017 import data on medical equipment/devices for all of LatAm, key numbers on 2017 imports in specific markets, equipment counts for key categories in LatAm and in large and small markets in the region, as well as technology penetration data.


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#5 Report: 2018 Latin American Hospital Fact Sheets

Covering 14 countries, this report offers incisive at-a-glance breakdowns on hospital infrastructure for LatAm countries, penetration rates of installed equipment in different areas and numbers on IT infrastructure in Latin American hospitals.



During the summer of 2018 GHI will release its 2018 ranking of the best-equipped hospitals in Latin America, as well as infographics on surgical procedures performed in the region’s hospitals, videos, and import data for 2018, among other resources to help professionals have a detailed understanding of Latin American healthcare resources.

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