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5 Mega-Trends in Latin American Healthcare

A look at major shifts in 2019 and for decades to come

5 Mega-Trends in Latin American HealthcareTurn These Huge Shifts into Huge Opportunities

This free whitepaper from Global Health Intelligence tracks large-scale changes happening in Latin American healthcare that will affect hospitals, medical professionals, medical device and equipment manufacturers, insurance companies and other key players.

What you’ll learn from this whitepaper:

  • The demographic and epidemiological trends set to hit Latin American healthcare hardest between now and 2055
  • The hottest-selling medical equipment categories in LatAm’s top 7 markets
  • The changing roles of the 5 “Ps” (patients, physicians, professional healthcare administrators, payers and policy makers)
  • Which medical device categories grew the most in 2018
  • The impact of private health insurance’s significant expansion in the region
  • Key tech developments that are changing healthcare in the region
  • How hospitals can generate greater cost efficiencies
  • Import data analysis for medical devices to identify additional sales opportunities

And much more concrete data and incisive analysis designed to help LatAm healthcare professionals turn these substantial, sweeping shifts to their advantage.

About Global Health Intelligence (GHI)

Global Health Intelligence created HospiScope, the world’s largest hospital demographics database focused on Latin America, with data on 8 out of every 10 hospitals in the region across 14 countries. GHI’s other resources include SurgiScope, which tracks surgical procedures performed in Latin American hospitals; ShareScope, which analyzes market size/share for medical equipment in different Latin America markets; and In-Scope, which delivers an edge to medical device manufacturers via competitive intelligence, pricing/cost analyses, due diligence and more.

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