Brazilian diagnostic imaging market expected to grow by 10% despite stagnant diagnostics industry

Diagnostic industry majors such as General Electric,  Agfa Healthcare and Toshiba at 45th Jornada Paulista of Radiology conference, mentioned the strategies of empowering their businesses to close the year aiming double-digit growth, which is more than the estimated average market growth rate of 8-10%. The dollar appreciation against the Brazilian Real (BRL) has not affected the diagnostic imaging market. The diagnostic imaging companies are protecting themselves from the negative impact of the American dollar (USD) appreciation by increasing the sales volume. Sales volume in Q1 2015 was 40% higher than the year-ago period. As an impact of this, the diagnostic majors recruited more sales professionals. Although the healthcare industry is considered to be flexible even in a slow economy, some companies panic sensing the drop in business volume in competition with public sector because the government is focusing on spending cuts and enhancement of domestic production to provide cost-effective products as compared to imported ones. Companies in a bid to firm their positions in the private sector are opting alternates such providing equipment supplies to clinics and hospitals.


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