Brazil, Argentina and Mexico present growing market potential for healthcare and medical device industry

The healthcare mobility solutions worldwide market is anticipated to grow at a profitable CAGR of 25-30% during 2015-2020. The major factors positively affecting the charging up of market during the forecast period include increasing adoption of mobile computers such as smartphones and tablets in healthcare systems, enhancing emphasis on patient-centric applications, improved cost-effectiveness of mobility solutions leading to well organized workflow, insufficient nurses and doctors, rapidly growing use of wireless networks such as 2G and 3G. Mobility solutions address healthcare sector issues such as increasing costs, strict regulatory environment, increasing error rates, decreasing profit, and rising requirement for quality care, by making healthcare institutions more approachable to the market demand. Consumers prefer mobile medical devices and healthcare applications due to the comfort, cost-effectiveness, and timely medical assistance provided when required. The global healthcare mobility solutions market includes segments such as mobile devices, mobile applications, and enterprise platforms. North America accounts for the major 55% share of the market followed by Europe, Asia-pacific and Latin America and Middle East and Africa. The growth of healthcare mobility solutions in Latin America will be centered across Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. Other contributing markets will be India, China, South Korea and Singapore. Philips Healthcare is anticipated to be among the key players in the healthcare mobility solutions market.

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