Helping Mexican Hospitals Get the Ventilators They Need During COVID-19

Recently Global Health Intelligence (GHI) was approached by Plataforma Mex Vent, a nonprofit clearing house whose goal is providing information and resources for medical institutions in Mexico that need ventilators. With the COVID-19 crisis still very much active, ventilators are crucial for treating patients across Latin America.

The organization’s Web site offers a number of resources for different types of entities in Mexico, including:

  • Medical facilities that need ventilators
  • Ventilator designers who need help with approvals and financing
  • Companies that can produce ventilators and need supplies or approvals from COFEPRIS
  • Legal professionals who can help with the approval or financing process

The challenge for Plataforma Mex Vent was proactively identifying hospitals that are short on ventilators. The organization asked GHI for help, knowing that the company operates the world’s largest hospitals database for Latin America and in fact recently highlighted ventilator shortages and other challenges facing hospitals dealing with COVID-19.

Using its HospiScope database, GHI was quickly able to identify medical institutions throughout Mexico with the most pressing need for ventilators. The company supplied the list to Plataforma Mex Vent, and the organization is now using this data to help ensure that all hospitals in Mexico can obtain the ventilators they need to battle COVID-19.

If you’d like to find out more about Plataforma Mex Vent — which was started by a group of graduates of MIT, ITESM, Harvard, UTAM and UNAM — please visit its Web site, Facebook page or Twitter page.

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