Despite COVID, Diagnostic Imaging Grew in Mexico During 2020

In order to understand some of the effects of COVID on the region’s installed base, GHI began analyzing year-end data for capital equipment.  Given the need for ventilators (particularly early on in the crisis) and the cancellation or rescheduling of hundreds of thousands of surgeries, it would seem that diagnostic imaging equipment would have experienced significant declines in Mexico in 2020. But that did not occur.

Through HospiScope, GHI’s annual hospital monitoring of equipment and capacity, our team contacts over 10,000 hospitals across Latin America every year to obtain data on nearly 60 types of medical equipment. This data ends up in our HospiScope database, which the world’s top medical equipment & devices manufacturers use to identify capacity, anticipate demand, understand the marketplace, identify sales opportunities, conduct propensity analysis and more.  HospiScope has coverage in over 85% of Latin America’s hospitals, including Mexico.

Analyzing year-end 2020 figures, GHI found that there was a growth of 1% – 6% in the installed base for medical imaging equipment in Mexico.  Specifically:

  • C-arms: 1% growth in Mexico in 2020
  • CT scanners: 2.6% growth in Mexico in 2020
  • Fluoroscopes: 6.1% in Mexico in 2020
  • MRI machines: 2.6% growth in Mexico in 2020
  • Ultrasound machines: 2.4% growth in Mexico in 2020
  • X-ray machines: 0.6% growth in Mexico in 2020

2021 Growth Projections for Diagnostic Imaging Equipment in Mexico

Beyond ranking the best-equipped hospitals in Latin America in 8 key categories, our HospiRank 2020 report also offers projections for diagnostic imaging equipment in Mexico for 2021, including these (ordered by growth percentage):

  • Fluoroscopes: 18% projected growth in Mexico in 2021
  • MRI machines: 9% projected growth in Mexico in 2021
  • C-arms: 5% projected growth in Mexico in 2021
  • CT scanners: 5% projected growth in Mexico in 2021
  • Ultrasound machines: 1% projected growth in Mexico in 2021
  • X-ray machines: 0% growth

Our projections for 2019-2023 show growth for these categories in Mexico, with the exception of X-ray machines, which we forecast will remain flat.

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To find out more about what’s occurring in Mexico’s hospitals as the country slowly recovers from the COVID crisis, explore our LatAm Hospitals Monitoring Service. Every week, we can deliver data on the hospitals in your market of choice (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and more) that you can access via PowerBI that lets you see the latest data in a visually stunning, well-organized format.

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If our diagnostic imaging figures piqued your interest and you want to know more about the growth in this area, please contact us to arrange for a customized market study where we can help you understand which brands are strongest in the country and other key market intelligence.

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