Venezuela: Healthcare system collapsing

The public health system is collapsing in Venezuela, where more than half of the operating theaters are not operational and the shortage of medicines in pharmacies exceeds 80%.

According to the Health Commission of the National Assembly of Venezuela, the health system collapsed because of non-functional diagnostic medical equipment that includes 90% of the CT scanners, mammographs, resonators, and laboratories in public hospitals subsequently leading to poor diagnosis and treatment.

A report from the National Assembly shows that 51% of the operating rooms in Venezuela are not operational leading to a waiting list at the public assistance centers. Highest number of deaths occurred in Zulia state with 1,409 cases; Carabobo 928; Aragua 888; Bolivar 802 and Capital District with 735 deaths.

Lack of food supply in the hospitals is another reason for deplorable patient conditions. According to data published, the infant mortality rate (due to lack of milk formula in the pediatric units) increased by 30% during 2016, leading to a total of approximately 11,500 deaths, reflecting the severity of the Venezuelan crisis.

Other reasons that further aggravate the situation in both public and private facilities are the shortage of funds to import medical equipment and maintain it.


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