Mexico, Turkey appreciated as major markets for medical tourism

The Health tourism market is expected to grow exponentially over 2014–2020. The demand for medical tourism is rising across the nations in Asia Pacific and Latin America since medical treatments there save around 30-90% of medical costs against costs incurred in their homelands. The major appreciated markets for medical tourism include Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, and South America. Mexico and Turkey are the top destinations for medical tourism, along with Costa Rica, India, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the US. Anadolu Medical Centre is the major player in Turkey. It has collaborations with John Hopkins Medicine to expand business outside Turkey. Major factors contributing to the rising popularity of medical tourism include affordable cost of medical treatments and surgery, advanced medical technology, hospitality services, medical professionals and expertise, qualified doctors and nurses, favorable currency exchange rate, etc. However, a few growth obstacles such as fake medical practices and unprofessional conduct could negatively impact the medical tourism market.


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