Mexico: Ideal location to conduct clinical trials for drugs and devices

Mexico has become an ideal location to conduct clinical trials for drugs and devices as Mexican researchers are well trained, often in the US or Europe. Moreover, Mexican trial data can be included in multicenter trials for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Many companies are already harnessing opportunities to conduct trials in Mexico. To boost the registry of more clinical trials, the government has taken initiatives to speed up the trial approval process, while not risking public health. Mexico’s regulator COFEPRIS has updated the legal framework and measures for clinical trials, taking into account the balance between promoting economic development and protecting patients. COFEPRIS also has accelerated its regulatory approval process, encouraging multinational companies to introduce their products first in Mexico. The country has strong academic institutions and hospitals, some of which have partnered with US institutions and are seeking to establish more. Research and clinical partnerships that provide opportunities for training and best-practice sharing are of greatest interest. The key to successful partnerships is to develop a collaborative approach designed to improve capacity in Mexico while providing research and training opportunities for US institutions. Millions of Americans travel to Mexico for treatments not covered by insurance as healthcare facilities there are on par with the US. There are significant opportunities to develop programs that provide surgeries and treatment that are covered by insurance but could be performed for far less expenses in Mexico than in the US.


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