Brazilian health industry invests in innovation and quality owing to increased domestic demand for medical devices

The utilization of health devices has grown in Brazil by 11.5% over the past six years. Consumption grew 4% last year despite the stagnant economy of country. Modernization of the hospital infrastructure has boosted the volume of medical tourism in Brazil, which is also contributing to the development of the local health devices industry. Brazil is also among the top 10 countries with the highest number of plastic surgeons and certified cosmetic medicine specialists in the world, factoring in the international recognition of the country. According to ABIMO (Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) superintendent Paulo Henrique Fraccaro, “We are living in a period of profound transformation, because the growth in demand and changes in the profile of consumption of health devices is driving the sector to mature. We are producing more, with higher quality and lower costs.” Medical devices manufactured in Brazil offer excellent cost benefits with creative and innovative solutions. Brazilian dental products and equipment are considered some of the best in the world. Other exported Brazilian products include neonatal incubators, pediatric heaters, light therapy equipment and electro-surgical equipment.


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