Expenditures of Brazilian private healthcare companies to impact private health system


According to a study conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Supplementary Health Studies (IESS), disbursements of private healthcare companies will triple to around BRL 283 billion from BRL 106 billion per year over the next 15 years. The increasing geriatric population is the major driving factor. According to the president of IESS, the amount of expenditure is growing rapidly. Private healthcare companies providing health insurances will have to reconsider their management models, efficiencies and services accordingly. The study informs that beneficiaries of private plans in Brazil below 18 years cost about BRL 1000 annually, while senior citizens of age over 80 cost BRL 1000 monthly. The disbursement on healthcare services increases with increasing age. An adult between 30 and 50 costs BRL 2.5 thousand annually, while over BRL 4000 is spent with advanced age. The scenario becomes worse after age of 75 years when annual healthcare disbursement reaches BRL 9000.


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