Corruption in healthcare poses main cause of concern for Brazil

A latest survey conducted by Datafolha has revealed that every three in 10 Brazilians consider healthcare as their main public concern and 10% listed education as their number one concern. The survey stated that unemployment tied with corruption was the country’s second-most important public concern. With the impending federal spending cap, Brazilians are in for major hits to their public medical and education system, which make up over 80% of the public budget. The federal spending cap might go into effect within the next couple of days due to President Temer’s current rush to pass economic reforms. The budget freeze essentially cuts off additional funds for a steadily growing population. Three-fourths of Brazilians, more than 150 million patients and growing use of the public health system are their only source of medical treatment. Yet, Brazil already records one of the lowest investments in its citizens’ health compared to its Latin American neighbors. While Brazil’s universal healthcare system does provide quality facilities and specialty services, existing resources often fail to meet national demand.



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