Colombia: Accidents at hospitals harm 70% patients


According to a report published by the Ministry of Health, Colombia regarding the National Policy on Patient Safety, among nine million patients hospitalized annually in the country, 70% fall victims to accident due to safety and security issues. It is estimated that at least 23 million people die each year in Latin America. The major adverse events or accidents reported in the country’s health institutions include falls, medication mismanagement, medical failure, and human errors such as leaving surgical instruments in the body of patients. Events such as wrong surgical procedures, lack of timely care, delay in transportation, and lack of medical resources have also been observed. Children and the elderly are the most affected populations. Figures show that 27% of such adverse events occur in children under 15 years of age and persons aged over 75 years. It should be noted that 13% of accidents occur while performing a medical procedure. It is estimated that at least 23 million people die each year in Latin America in such accidents, revealed the report.

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