Chile’s Minister of Health calls private sector to work jointly to reform healthcare sector in country


The Minister of Health of Chile, Dr. Carmen Castillo recalled the importance of private sector in the development of the country’s healthcare sector. Speaking at the inauguration of the event Expo Hospital, 5th International Exhibition of Technologies, she mentioned that collaborative working of public and private sector can help face the challenges prevailing in the healthcare sector. Along with a series of importance, the Secretary of State emphasized the significance of installment of medical equipment and implementation of health technology in hospitals. The government authority said that private and public sectors should focus on enhancing the management proficiency, optimizing ways to increase productivity and reduce costs, hence increase benefits to patients and their families. The healthcare infrastructure, too, needs development, which also needs help of the private sector. According to the Secretary of State, innovations majorly come from private sectors which should be regulated in terms of safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness. This will provide a better value to public investments. The Minister announced the creation of imaging networks in public health system involving equipment such as scanners, angiograms, MRI scanners and mammography equipment.


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