Chilean start-ups innovate to reform local medical devices industry

At a recently held health technology event in Chile, 10 Chilean start-up companies presented their innovative medical devices/platforms. Phage Technologies was the first prize winner for the development of biological solutions for the control of pathogenic bacteria in the livestock industry. Deenty, the second winner is a technology company that connects users with dentists with a patient monitoring system that allows knowing the payments, budgets, and details about the first to the last visit treatments. WinSenga, the third winner has developed an alternative pocket echocardiography machine that allows midwives and doctors monitor easily, and more accurately, the health of children during pregnancy and childbirth. Daeki got special recognition for a device expected to end blood tests to measure indicators such as cholesterol and glucose. Biotic Solutions, a biotechnology company, has developed a device known as 3B, which is acclaimed as the first portable biosensor for the detection and monitoring of dioxins.


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