Baxter set to invest more to introduce new healthcare solutions in Colombia

The CEO of US-based medical products company Baxter, Jose Almeida, on the occasion of completion of the company’s 60 years in Colombia announced that they would invest USD 41 million in the country and would introduce new healthcare solutions such as automated cycler peritoneal dialysis. Over the past five years, the company has invested USD 130 million in the country, which helped it to produce 26% more. The company’s production center at Cali produces 115 million units annually. 30% of the produce is exported to Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Central America, and the Caribbean making Baxter the second largest exporter of medical products in the country. Moreover, Almeida revealed that Baxter International seeks to implement innovative technologies, such as those required by military hospitals. He also emphasized that patents for these medical devices should be protected under the law, in order to maintain healthy competition in the industry.


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