Baxter introduces new peritoneal dialysis devices in Mexican market

After being successfully launched in England, Baxter Mexico has introduced a new device for peritoneal dialysis, which will benefit patients with chronic renal failure. Mexico is among the first five countries in the world to have this type of telemonitoring device, which represents important advantages such as the closest control to the patient’s home therapy, the possibility to make changes to the prescription remotely and diagnose in early situations. Chronic renal failure affects over 10% of the global population and official figures from the Ministry of Health reveal that as a result of this condition, up to 120,000 people in the country are on peritoneal dialysis therapy. Peritoneal dialysis removes toxic substances and excess fluid in the body. Baxter is committed toward ensuring the best treatment for peritoneal dialysis patients and to provide them with a better quality of life based on scientific development and the design of new solutions with advanced communications and computer technology, which allows breaking the limitations of the space, without losing the confidentiality and security of information.


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