Baja California: Fastest growing region of Mexico, thanks to medical device industry

Baja California of Mexico is the fastest growing region of the country. The state has a number of international and local medical device manufacturers operating in the region. The region is a hub of manufacturing of medical devices, which are exported to almost every corner of the globe. According to industry experts in the state, the industry has the capacity to grow at a much better level in future. The medical equipments industry provides employment to around 40,000 people. Tijuana has the highest number of employees engaged in manufacturing of medical equipments. In 2015, the medical device sector grew the fastest in the region among others as many new companies initiated their manufacturing units and the pre-existing players expanded their business. Out of the total 66 renowned multinational companies established in the region, 39 are in Tijuana. According to industry experts, the state will be the economically fastest growing region in the Americas by 2020.



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