The Best-Equipped Hospitals in Argentina 2018


The ranking of the best-equipped hospitals in Argentina was developed by Global Health Intelligence (GHI) using HospiScope—GHI’s Latin America hospital database—which tracks crucial information about hospital infrastructure and equipment. One significant challenge facing hospitals and institutions in Latin America is that there is very little current, trustworthy information available about hospitals. This is what led us to create HospiScope and later HospiRank.

HospiRank 2020

In order to provide healthcare professionals, sales and marketing teams from medical device manufacturers and patients with the most current data, we are no longer featuring data from previous years.

Instead, we encourage you to visit to view a report containing our most recent 2020 rankings. We have expanded HospiRank to include 10 countries and cover 8 new categories, while also adding sales data to help with demand forecasting of specific equipment types.




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