Improving Sales Force Effectiveness in LatAm

Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) is a broad concept, ranging from sales force overhauls to targeted improvement initiatives for highest priority segments. Until recently, sales modeling was not feasible for players in the Latin American healthcare sector due to the lack of comprehensive hospital data.

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Instead, companies relied on a patchwork of information pieced together by field sales teams, based on their pre-existing relationships in hospitals and possibly excluding those with hidden potential where they don’t have relationships. It’s also a drain on the time of sales teams — and it makes for sense for them to be selling than trying to gather data.

But HospiScope, the vast Latin American hospitals database developed by Global Health Intelligence (GHI) — covering nearly 90% of the region’s hospitals — solves this issue.

That’s why major medical device companies and other healthcare players have been feeding their SFE programs with information from HospiScope, resulting in:

  • Accurate, comprehensive views of targets
  • Data that integrates with your CRM platform
  • Optimize sales force design and account coverage
  • Replicate success

Below you can download a case study that explains in greater detail how a top hospital equipment manufacturer targeting LatAm was able to use GHI data for their SFE modeling.

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