Healthcare Update for Argentina — January 2022

The team at Global Health Intelligence has created a series of reports called LatAm Healthcare Pulse.

Our goal is to capture what is happening in Latin American hospitals and share these updates with our audience. Currently, our team already is in regular contact with thousands of hospitals as we update information for our HospiScope database and offer new data for our Latin America Hospital Monitoring service.

What we’ve done is take advantage of that regular contact to produce this new resource for our readers. In this issue for Argentina, we cover topics like:

  • Data on COVID vaccination levels in Argentina, along with projected dates for herd immunity in the country
  • The current levels for surgical procedures in Argentine hospitals and how they compare to pre-pandemic levels
  • Which specialty surgery areas in Argentina are lagging the most and by how much, compared to pre-pandemic levels
  • Which types of surgeries present a captive demand that has been unaffected by the pandemic due to their urgent natures
  • Which two brands are regarded by Argentine healthcare providers as the leading brands in the country, due to their durability

And more!

Healthcare Update for Argentina — January 2022

Click here to download the report.

Deepen Your Insights
Subscribing to the Latin America Hospital Monitoring service allows you to access much more data than in this brief report, and it’s updated monthly. You access it using a Power BI platform with simple, efficient data displays. Click here to find out more about how you can subscribe to the Latin America Hospital Monitoring service.

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