Getting Rid of Sales Blind Spots with Medical Devices in Latin America

Obviously, the world’s top manufacturers of medical devices and equipment know Latin America well—they’ve had offices and sales teams on the ground for years…even for decades, some cases.

But Latin America has more than 20,000 hospitals in 15+ markets. Even a huge company with long experience in the region won’t know each and every hospital that could become a great new client for them.

They have blind spots.

This is not a critique of sales teams—it’s just impossible to know all of the hospitals with great sales potential, even with a dedicated, knowledgeable sales team in the field.

Getting a New Perspective

To uncover sales prospects your team may not have known about, start with:

Dive deep. Find a data source that tracks as many details as possible about Latin American hospitals: go beyond equipment counts to get at medical personnel, technology used in hospitals and other important points.

Set your search criteria. Analyze your top accounts to see what they have in common, weigh those characteristics in terms of importance and establish a ranking scale to evaluate them.

Reel in. Identify hospitals that share the characteristics of your top accounts and produce as big a list as you can.

Cross-check. Compare the list of hospitals you searched out against your internal client list to eliminate duplicates and end up with a list with raw potential.

Order up. Apply your ranking criteria to the raw potential list so as to refine and end up with a list that fits your criteria for clients with the best sales potential.

From there, sales can begin their approach. But instead of making random cold calls, they’ll have a wealth of data to use to refine their pitch to solve a potential client’s pain points with just the right solution.

Next Steps
As simple as it may seem, this is exactly the process that several GHI clients have followed, using HospiScope to provide the basic data they need to eliminate these blind spots and identify a whole new host of prospects.

Contact us if your sales team needs a fresh influx of qualified prospects that are a fit for your brand and products.

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