Synthetic spider silk to revolutionize drug delivery and wound care

Spider silk, a nature’s wonder with a wide range of impressive properties, including high extensibility, extremely high tensile strength and toughness has been recreated artificially by a team of researchers in the United Kingdom. According to the researchers, it could revolutionize the way drugs are delivered inside the human body. Its remarkable antibiotic properties could also accelerate the healing process in case of open wounds, while keeping infection at bay. Synthesized from Escherichia coli bacteria, the newly-created material is known to adsorb molecules, which in turn makes it suitable for use as bandages. In addition to being completely biodegradable and biocompatible, this protein-based substance is non-toxic, meaning that it doesn’t cause any kind of allergic or inflammatory reactions. The antibiotic properties of the synthetic material are because of the drug called Levofloxacin, used primarily to fight bacterial infections. The molecules of the drug are carefully placed into a solution of spider silk strand until the proteins synthesize into a sturdier material.


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