Pharmacopoeia professionals of Mexico & US coordinate to review and update tests for quality & safety of medical devices

The officials of Pharmacopoeia of Mexico and the US met in Mexico under the FEUM-USP Scientific Meeting 2015 to analyze and update the tests to be applied to medical devices to confirm the standardization of quality, safety and therapeutic efficacy for patients. The official from COFEPRIS, the healthcare regulatory body of Mexico, has emphasized on the significance of sharing of information and review of analytical models between the two pharmacopoeias to ensure the quality and safety of medical equipment being supplied to patients. He also mentioned that the government of Mexico is committed to update and renew the regulatory skeleton for medical devices as per the best global practices. The USP official stated that such bilateral scientific conferences are important to ensure the quality and safety of medical equipments being delivered. The Pharmacopoeial commissions of both the countries play an important role for the well-organized regulation of medical equipment to ensure the quality and safety of products. It was the fifth meeting between both the pharmacopoeias.

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