Peru: Lack of basic equipments in hospitals threatening the lives of thousands of patients

Ministry of Health of Peru investigated several public hospitals in the country and found that most of the hospitals are facing shortage of medicines and basic medical equipments. Even syringes, gloves, beds, diagnostic kits, minor surgery equipments are not available in sufficient amount in the hospitals. Some healthcare professionals from major hospitals during audit stated that despite being affiliated with Integral Insurance health (SIS), poor patients need to sell their small properties, such as farms and cattle, to keep alive their relatives. The case is worst with patients who need to stay for long in hospitals for recovery. For instance, burned patients, patients living with chronic diseases and patients who undergo major surgeries need to stay for a long time in hospital. One of the most modern hospitals in the capital, the Hospital of Villa El Salvador, Level II, works only at 15% capacity because of dearth of skilled workforce, lack of infrastructure and medical equipment.



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