National Health Federation of Brazil observes high disparity of prices among medical devices

According to a survey conducted by the National Health Federation (FenaSaúde) of Brazil, the disparity in prices of medical devices has been observed, even up to 1000% in some products. For instance, a knee prosthesis often used in patients with severe osteoarthritis is delivered in Brazil for BRL 2,000 but can cost nine times more to health insurance. The price of some types of pacemaker generator already ranges from BRL 29,000 to BRL 90,000 to health insurance, depending on the region, where it is marketed. The analysis shows that the difference poses problems for operators, but not limited to them. The high costs of medical items will be a major contributor to the high monthly fees readjustment in health plans, which will be announced in the coming weeks. According to FenaSaúde, issues such as the absence of clear rules for competition between companies and the payment of commissions for hospitals and doctors in marketing products come driving up healthcare costs for operators well above inflation.


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