Ministries of Health of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay jointly move towards universal health plan for betterment of South American Gran Chaco


Ministries of Health of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay agreed to work jointly towards universal health for the population of their borders in Gran Chaco region. Joint strategies were discussed among the four ministries to exchange the experiences of health work in Chaco fields, recognize intervention areas and beneficiary population in each country, identify and prioritize the common health problems, establish dedication between the four ministries of health to bolster border health strategy in Chaco and represent management and project roadmap. All the four ministries teamed up at Philadelphia Department of Boqueron, in an international meeting, STATES FOR ACTION, “Moving toward Universal Health South American Gran Chaco” on 18th and 19th August, 2015. Technical cooperation for meeting was provided by the Pan American and World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO).



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