Mexico grabs USD 915 million as foreign direct investment (FDI) for medical device production

The statistics of Ministry of Economy of Mexico reveals that Mexico received USD 915 million as FDI for the production of medical devices over 2013-2015. The head of the Investment Promotion Unit and International Business Pro Mexico stated that the medical devices sector is one of the most dynamic manufacturing sectors. The public health organizations provide 70-80% of total healthcare services across the country while private organizations provide the rest of it which makes health coverage of around 32 million people. Public sector covers total 1,169 hospitals, 194 of which are highly specialized institutions. The number of Private hospitals is very high as compared to public sector i.e. 3,560, but only around 100 of them have more than 50 beds and offer highly specialized medical units. Mexico is a major producer of medical devices and the largest exporter of medical devices to the US too. It is the third largest exporter of tubular metal needles and suture needles and fourth largest exporter of medical, surgical and dental furniture. Mexico is expected to increase the production of medical devices worth from USD 14.62 billion to USD 21.64 billion over 2014-2020.


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