Mexico City advances in the digitization of its network of health services

Government of Mexico City advances its strategy in digitizing health services. Carlos Slim Foundation signed an agreement with the government for digitizing a patient data from “El Médico en tu Casa”. This program carries out home health check-ups to detect illness, follow up on pregnant women and review the vaccination of children under five years old. Based on a pilot test carried out, the Electronic Clinical Record (ECE) of patients is registered through a Comprehensive Primary Care Model (MAPI) which is housed in the cloud storage systems of Telmex.

286 electronic tablets will also be distributed for capturing data. The system will allow to generate accurate statistics on the health of the population such as the incidence and prevalence of chronic disorders including diabetes or hypertension or prostrate.

Through the program professionals of “El Médico en Tu Casa” have visited 2.7 million homes.

Telmex guarantees the highest security standards and confidentiality of patients’ personal data. The foundation will enable technology transfer, assembly of information systems, and training and organization of the work teams in the Ministry of Health.

Through the Hospital Administration and Medical Information System (SAMIH), Mexico City aims to become the first Latin American district to implement the ECE in its entire network of public health services, consisting of 31 hospitals and 220 health centers.


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