Latin America speeds up cancer diagnosis with Sophia Genetics’ AI

Ten new genomic institutions from Latin America have started using SOPHiA, the Sophi Genetics’ AI interface in a bid to democratize access to clinical genomics on the continent, and improve patient diagnosis and care specially for cancer diagnosis. Using the Sophia DDM® advanced SaaS analytics platform for clinical genomics, the institutions will first deploy SOPHiA for hereditary cancer diagnosis. About 1.1 million new cancer cases and 600,000 cancer deaths are estimated to occur annually in Latin America and the Caribbean. Hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes comprise approximately 10% of diagnosed cancers but familial forms are believed to account for up to 30% of some cancers. In this context, SOPHiA will help leverage genomic data to improve and accelerate patient diagnosis and care. The increased use of SOPHiA in Latin America will also ensure that the highest standard of genomic testing is provided to all patients in need, and that they have access to the latest advances in the detection of hereditary cancers. Sophia Genetics’ AI technology is currently used by 240 healthcare institutions in 39 countries but has been rapidly adopted across Latin America since it announced a partnership with DASA in October 2014.


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