Latin America EHR systems market likely to grow at 7.15% CAGR over 2014–2019

SaaS-based EHR solutions have been successful in enhancing the performance of healthcare institutions and reducing the IT infrastructure cost. However, some healthcare organizations are relauctant towards the use of the EHR solutions because of the risk associated with the transmission of medical data. However, the growing cognizance about the advantages of these solutions is expected to drive the market growth. Governments in Latin American nations have supported hospitals in the form of investments and subsidies, which has led to increasing adoption of EHR systems. Physicians using authorized EHR systems get remunerated in the form of Medicare and Medicaid premiums. The EHR systems market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.15% during 2014–2019 in Latin America. Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health has implemented other initiatives such as accreditation standards based on North America’s Free Trade Agreement. All these initiatives have derived the encouragement of adoption of EHR solutions among hospitals and healthcare professionals.


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