Latin America; an untapped opportunity for Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS) Market

According to a research report published by Radiant Insights, Latin American markets may fuel the growth of the global deep brain stimulators market making the most of the untapped opportunities. The global Deep Brain Stimulators Market is expected to reach USD 1.59 billion by 2020. North America is currently the global market leader, accounting for over 50.0% market share in 2013. Sophisticated healthcare infrastructure, better reimbursement policies and increasing cognizance levels of patients and healthcare personnel are the major factors behind North America’s growth. Asia Pacific is considered the most lucrative market owing to rapidly improving healthcare infrastructure, high unmet medical demands and increasing healthcare disbursement. Deep brain stimulators have observed a significant growth in usage rates and are now considered viable alternatives to conventional therapies. The introduction of technological advancements such as fractionation of electric current and selective current steering are also expected to improve device usage rates.

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