Internet of things modifies healthcare scenario in Latin America

Internet of Things (IoT) has been considered one of the key aspects driving innovation in the healthcare sector, where medical devices can collect and exchange data through mobile apps that improve care and reduce costs. IOT has changed the perspective of communication between doctor and patients. Patients no longer accept the traditional health solutions because technological innovations have transformed the healthcare services. Latin America spends around USD 423.9 billion on healthcare, which includes USD 664 billion spent by Mexico and USD 1085 billion by Brazil. In Europe, Asia and Latin America, at least 50% of international corporations adopted IoT in 2016 majorly in the sectors of energy, construction and health. The technologies developed involve sensors, microprocessors and wireless connections along with solutions resulting in development of various consumer-oriented end devices. Across the globe, approximately 1,800 million people use smartphone, of which at least 155 million are in Latin America, with Brazil, Mexico and Colombia having the highest number of users.

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