GE Healthcare to invest more in Colombia for expansion of business

The Latin American health market is of great interest to the GE Healthcare, the manufacturer of ultra-sound, magnetic-resonance and surgical equipment amongst other things. A year ago, the US giant acquired Colombia’s Gemedco, a distributor of GE products in the country. Now, John Flannery, CEO at General Electric Healthcare, suggests that digital health solutions will be reaching Colombia soon. In year one of direct operations nationally, the firm has scored 22% growth when, globally, growth in the division comes to some 5.5% per year. GE Healthcare has no immediate plans to buy any other Colombian firm whilst its main clients locally are Fundacion Santa Fe, Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia, Colsanitas and Idime. The company expects double-figure growth again in 2017 from the nation. Its radiology products data will soon be transferred to cloud computing service, which will be consequently introduced in Colombia.

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