Cofepris, Mexico to strengthen access to health solutions

The federal commissioner of healthcare regulatory agency of Mexico Cofepris has stated that the institution will work to strengthen timely access to a market that is adequately supplied with safe, effective, high quality products and at the best prices. The agency will also implement strategies to protect the population against health risks, promote economic activity in the sector and combat illegal products and services that do not comply with health regulations. As part of the objectives of Program 5/15 of Principles and Actions for Protection against Health Risks, agency will continue the release of generic, innovative medicines and announce the first package of biotechnological medicines. The signing of a collaboration agreement with the Mexican Institutes of Social Security will also be encouraged; (ISSSTE) and the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to strengthen clinical research in Mexico. Cofepris will continue this year with the authorization of health records of medicines and medical devices. Cofepris’s pre-access to the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Program (PIC/S) will allow the use of the mechanisms for the recognition of certificates of good manufacturing practice, with a view to gaining full member access for international partners.



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