Brazilian medical apps market is third largest individual app market globally

As per a report published by Kalorama Information, Brazil stands third globally in the medical apps market. Over the last few years, Brazil has accounted for a tremendous growth in digital mobile solutions, both devices and apps. The sales revenue for apps in the healthcare recorded revenue of USD 29 million in Brazil. The types of medical apps being introduced in Brazil cover EMR connectivity, disease management and monitoring, diagnostics, treatment, practitioner management, professional References, tools and training. North America is currently dominating the global market with around 50% share of the total market, but America’s share is expected to be reduced to 20% of the global market by 2020 owing to the dynamically changing scenario of other parts of the world. Device manufacturers and app developers are focusing on China and the market in China has witnessed strong growth over the past few years with companies like Apple showing 17% growth for 2014. Apple’s iOS platform is leading over its competitors with about 55% share of the medial app market in terms of dollars for 2015 and is facing close competition from its main competitor Android (Google).





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